When your children have fun on the beach or at the pool it is important that you consider protecting their skin. Studies have shown that it’s not enough to apply sunscreen before entering the water, it is necessary to take additional measures such as hydration, taking breaks in the shade and taking care of sensitive areas like the scalp, eyes and lips.
It is said that at present, the amount of solar radiation to which children are exposed is such that at 18 years they have exhausted their quota, that’s to say, they have taken in the amount of sun of a lifetime. That is why before you leave home be sure to pack the following for your little ones: sun block (taking into account the degree of protection factor), sunglasses (it is recommended to carry rubber shades if they’re going to spend a lot of time in swimming pools because of the chlorine), lip moisturizer with filter, water bottles, snacks to help hydration (such as fruits, vegetables or dairy), hats with a brim wide enough to protect the face.
According to hospital specialists at USP Dexeus University Institute (Spain),”in addition to skin care it is essential for children that we inculcate the habit and provide a model; they see that we also protect ourselves. We must also educate them and explain why we do what we do, how to apply the cream, etc. “.. Likewise, the National Campaign to Prevent Skin Cancer, developed by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) in collaboration with the laboratory La Roche-Posay, has produced alarming statistics about the ignorance of parents about proper protection of their children, “three out of ten are protected with a rate lower than recommended, in addition, five out of ten parents who take protective measures to ensure their children when they are in the sun, but not when playing in the park or the garden.”
The key to a happy summer for your children and so that they enjoy good long-term health depends on you. Take care of yourself and them!