Whether you use it as your primary residence, or only on weekends, your beach house should be a place where the peace of the sea merges with functionality.
The first is to work on a concept to keep the brightness that is provided by the windows of your property, so it is recommended to use lightweight curtains or shades in bright colors. And when thinking in artificial light, choose to install light bulbs that save electricity and deliver a warm light yellow hue, and will create a magical atmosphere at night. You may also rely on decorative and practical lighting, perfect to match your nautical theme: candles, chandeliers, floor lamps and end table lamps.
Most decorators recommend keeping a neutral palette to ensure more retention of the freshness of the environment and avoid an ornate look. The classic combination of navy blue or white with blue are still in vogue, but it is suggested to introduce splashes of color in decorations or cushions, some of the seasonal tones are coral, mint green and lemon yellow. You can play with these as a complement, also in flower arrangements, carpets and table setting utensils such as cups, plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
Being close to the coast, we must be careful with valuable items that may be susceptible to deterioration from sea salt, a product in the environment. It is preferable to avoid using metal that can corrode easily. One recommendation is to opt for organic materials, furniture and decorative objects, such as rattan, raffia, wood and clay. These are long lasting, behave well in exterior and interior and add warmth to the home because their interesting textures.
To maintain the harmony it is essential to have everything in order, so do not hesitate to incorporate plenty of room for storage. The shelves can be easily accomplished by locating them strategically, also using decorative boxes that are in sight without revealing its contents. Another way to save space is to think of functional furniture, like couches that become beds or bookcases that have room to put the audio and TV but also have built-in drawers or shelves. If you have kids, this will help to keep all their video games and toys arranged in a single cabinet.