Make a lovely decoration for your beach house with just a glass jar and other details; it will give your home a special touch. It’s simple and really lovely.

They could become the most attractive decorative motif around your living room. Do you doubt it? Make these crafts reusing glass or choosing several different sizes and shapes.

You can use sand, stones, shells, sea and sails objects by placing them inside the glass jar, these are simple ideas to decorate homes at the beach, and it is an ideal decoration for bathrooms and living rooms.

Of course there are many more ideas for decorating with glass bottles. You can recycle bottles to make special decorations at different times of the year, whether for Christmas decoration or Easter.

Another beach house decorating idea for the foyer or terrace is lovely hall candles in glass jars. This is an easy handicraft, fast and very decorative.

You just need glass jars, spray paint, the color of your choice and thread and candles to place inside the jars. Try it and let us know what you think of this quick and easy idea.