Leave aside the packaged food the next time that you spend the day at the beach, preparing some healthy snacks is much easier than you think.  You only need creativity and the desire to do so.
When you go to buy what you will taking, do not go down the aisle of chips, soda or candy, they are full of sugars and fats that give you a feeling of heaviness after eating. Also avoid bread, as it gets soggy with heat, change it for crackers. Opt for foods that help the body stay hydrated, which you will need after being exposed to the sun for hours. With this in mind, fruits will be your best allies, you can pre-cut and pack them in separate bags, or take them whole in a cooler. Watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes are favorites because of their refreshing flavor.
Another good friend can be cheeses, accompanied by some type of salt cracker; like pretzels. They can accompany peanut butter, jelly or jam.
Take note of the recipes and tips presented by the portal www.toneitup.com, to have a perfect beach picnic.