Independence Day in the United States is the national holiday and it is celebrated on July 4th. This day marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 in which the country proclaimed its formal separation from the British Empire.

The Declaration of Independence is a statement that explains the independent decision taken by the representatives of the thirteen colonies that formed the nation belonging to Britain until 1776.  It was adopted on July 2nd in a private session in Congress, only to be formalized on the 4th of the same month. Its main author was Thomas Jefferson.


John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who in addition to being a major part in the composition and signing of the Declaration of Independence, were presidents of the nation, died the same day, July 4, on the fiftieth (50) anniversary of the signing the proclamation.





Today, most citizens celebrate the date in the same way they did in the eighteenth century, with parades, picnics, neighborhood parties, outdoor concerts, sporting events and fireworks in the evening. The main symbol of this celebration is the national flag and all kinds of ornaments and decorations in the national colors: red, blue and white.