On July 20, 2013 we joined the celebration of the 203 years of independence of our customers, owners and Colombian friends.


Every July 20 celebrates the “Independence” of Colombia, with military parades and patriotic symbols.

Historical Overview of the Independence of Colombia


Colombia’s independence was a long and bloody process. The first phase of the war, 1810-1816, was characterized by constant infighting between supporters of independence. In 1811 the provinces of New Granada were formed into a new independent state, consisting of a loose confederation of provinces that had declared themselves independent in 1810. In 1816 the Spanish won back control of the country, in which they installed the so-called regime of terror. Although during this period several Republican groups were active, exercising effective power in the plains, especially in the Venezuelan Guayana and Casanare, it was not until 1819 when the final process of expulsion from Spanish rule began.