The key is in the view

The lighting in your beach house is very important as it fosters an exceptional atmosphere. We should take into account the natural light and then incorporate artificial lighting to complement it.

Therefore, we should adjust the lights so we can take full advantage it. At this point we emphasize the great value of the view that we have from our beach house as it is advisable to place the lamps so that we can appreciate it in its fullness.

 Considering this advice, our architects designed Lacroze Miguens Prati houses to bring in the most natural light and provide the best view of the golf course, lakes and green areas of the project.

The secret of perfect lighting in your beach house is to keep a simple style with a tropical breeze evoking a sense of calm and a peaceful way of life. Adding warmth to any space without detracting from the simple and fresh look by choosing a lamp that matches perfectly.

Types of lamps for beach houses:

- Hurricane

- Wall Sconces

- Spiders

- Lamps made with beach materials

Lamps that have caused a sensation is the Medusae hanging lamps collection by the Californian designer Roxy Towry -Russell that besides being modern and innovative, they are friendly to the ecosystem because of the material used for making them.


“The well-placed spotlights both in the exterior and interior add a touch of sophistication to simple elements.”