For the pool at your Townhouse, Villa, Beach Club, or to enjoy the sea, there are many options for swimwear. How do you decide on one? In recent years, offering cuts, colors, patterns and styles have increased, allowing each woman to choose a personalized style that best matches the shape of her body. It’s not about buying the prettiest, but one that highlights the positive aspects of anatomy and disguises those aspects we’re not so proud of.

The main thing is to achieve aesthetic harmony between bust, back, hips and legs. Take note of the following tips:
• Bust: if you want to increase this area visually, it’s recommended that you incline towards strapless bikinis, or the triangular shaped which have little to increase. If instead, you want to hide the volume, the halter top style is ideal, with wide straps and push up rod, this will give you more support and prevent back problems.
• Abdomen: to hide the tummy opt for trendy tankinis, covering the waist, the bottom must be high to cover that area. There are also special swimsuits that include belts, buckles and adornments on their inner seams; but remember the old trick of using dark colors: brown, navy or black, to shape your figure.
• Hips: If you are concerned about your wide hips, divert eyes to the top using light colors and large prints. And if your hips are small, you should create the opposite effect by using designs that lead looks toward the bottom, with buckles, rings or large loops on the sides.
• Back: a broad back can be disguised by avoiding models with V-necks or very pronounced, you can use strapless or thin straps which go round the neck. The triangle top bikinis are best suited for girls with small backs, also one piece suits with profound openings work well.
• Legs: Women with short legs should look for bikinis with a high cut, this will give the legs a shapely appearance; one piece suits are also good, with a fake waist above the real. If you have long legs, bikini bottom with shorts or thongs are the most recommended.